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Bulgari Bvlgari Rettangolo - RT W45 G

London, United Kingdom

Материал корпуса: NA; Подзавод: Автоматический ; Состояние: Новые Дополнительные приложения: Гарантия от продавца; Место нахождения: United Kingdom, London Модель: Rettangolo Цена По заказу Gmtbroker Рекомендации: nessuna The Bvlgari Rettangolo timepiece combines style and elegance with extravagance making it an extremely desirable item suitable for both formal and informal occasions. This exquisite timkeeper is comprised of 24 individual diamonds beautifully laid on both sides of the rectangular white gold bezel. Hint of creativity flows from the design of the white dial combining numerals and sticks, along with a date window at the bottom of the face. The classy crocodile purple strap is the cherry on the top of the cake when it comes to this beautifully crafted water-resistant watch.  

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